Trash Walking

disposables, keepers, treasures

Earth Day 2015

on April 22, 2015

The other day, I posted this photo on my Facebook page, Trash Walking Moms


A photo that I took a year or so ago that I thought I would use as a cover photo for a while.  When someone posted the word “start” beneath it, I began to think about this post and about Earth Day.

A few thoughts on Stop and Start

ignoring the obvious.    seeing the world around you.

making excuses.     taking action.

not giving a shit.     planting trees. hugging trees.

thinking it’s not your problem.     shouldering a share of the burden

buying into corporate cons.     getting your water from a tap

addiction to disposability.     refusing, re-using reducing recycling repairing re-purposing, sharing.

comparisons to others.     measuring yourself for who you are inside, not what you have.

rushing.     just being.  getting to nature.  slowing down. breathing.

not thinking about it.   recognizing the effects choices can have.

taking life on earth for granted.     protecting precious life.

There is so much more to add to this, but time won’t allow me to go on.  Add to it if you like.

Enjoy Earth Day today, wherever you are, and however you can.

Love Mother Earth.  Care for her.  Protect her.  Stand up for her.



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