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Local Hero (Heroic Garbage Pickers part 2)

on September 14, 2014

Those of you who know me personally know that I’ve been trash walking for a while now, and following the pages of some really great organizations that are focusing on the problem of (mainly) plastic trash.  These individuals and organizations are both large and small, with a few followers, or many.  They try to create a strong on-line presence in order to raise public awareness of the harmful environmental impact of our addiction to disposables.  A previous post entitled “Heroic Garbage Pickers”, lists five of the pages I follow.  I comment on their posts, share some of them on my own Trash Walking Facebook page, and answer their calls to write letters when needed.  Someday soon, I’ll highlight a few more of these great organizations.

Today, though, I want to salute a local woman who is probably a familiar figure to those of you who live in my beautiful neighbourhood of Port Credit.  She walks along Lakeshore Road, near the Credit Landing Plaza, or near Maple, Pine, John, and Peter Streets.  She is what we would describe as elderly, I guess.  But she is certainly energetic!

I’m sure you’ve seen her, strolling along, stooping over to pick up bits and pieces of garbage, and putting them in public trash bins, where they belong.  She’s always on her own, always out there.  I don’t know if she is on dedicated garbage walks, or if she is picking up in the spirit of Take 3, as she goes about her daily business.  I doubt if she has an online presence.  From her appearance, she doesn’t strike me as someone who would be particularly involved in that form of communication.  She probably doesn’t talk about what she does, probably doesn’t take pictures of what she picks up, or keep a count of the garbage she has pulled from the streets.  She probably doesn’t rail against plastics or disposables or balloons.  She may or may not have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  But she is out there, and she is doing something.  She is an example for us all.  Her actions tell us to do something, however small, because it really does make a difference.

I stopped to thank her one day, when I saw her out picking up trash.  Introduced myself and told her that I also do what she was doing.  I asked her name, and she told me it was Grace.  Then she smiled and said that a friend calls her Amazing Grace.

Thank you, Grace.  You are amazing!

Local friends, make sure to say hi and thanks to Grace if you have the chance.  She deserves it.

There are most likely thousands of Graces out there, doing this very same thing.  Say thank you to them, and honour them by picking up three pieces of garbage every day, as you go about your daily business.  Then you too are heroic, and you too deserve thanks.


(the above photo is by way of The Pieces Fit)





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