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No Plans

Wow, it’s been a long time (31 days, to be exact) since I posted anything at all!  With school holidays almost over, I’ll have more time to write very soon.  Until then, just a short post tonight, a couple of pictures, and a few thoughts about each one.

My son Noel and I really had no plans for today, and although we made some phone calls and tried to drum up some fun, it became apparent that it was just going to be the two of us today.  One friend was off to the cottage, another at his grandparents’ home, another was under house arrest until his room was cleaned.  Noel was bummed, because he is nine now, and his friend time is increasingly becoming more interesting to him than time with his moms.  The life of an only child.  Determined to have a good day, though, I suggested we just go for a neighbourhood bike ride, and see what came of it.  Over to the school we went, hoping to find someone else there.  No one. But Noel had packed his new walkie talkies so we gave them a good workout.  While he enjoyed using the new climbers, I toured the school yard collecting the litter that has accumulated over the last six weeks.  We chatted over the radios, and perfected the art of saying “over” every time we finished a transmission, and “10-4” to confirm understanding of one another.  Quite fun!

I ended up with two bags of garbage, one bag of recyclable drink containers (29 of them!), IMG01128-20140818-1228IMG01122-20140818-1156and a very battered Ontario birth certificate, which I kept.  I can make out the name, date and place of birth, so I think I’ll see if I can track down the owner.  It’s weird to think about having this person’s very important ID in my hands.  Who is he?  What is his life like?  What is he like? Is he here in Port Credit?  Is he still living?  I hope so.  IMG01123-20140818-1213

That was my morning today.  We came home for lunch, then went out for another ride later.  That ride turned out to be golden, because it lead to an hour or so of spontaneous, unstructured and imaginative building with two other kids at a local lakeside park.  No climbers, no toys, no bikes.  Just driftwood, willow branches and vines.  Pure joy watching these kids build a teepee.  We now have plans for tomorrow afternoon.  Heading back to this beautiful park to continue work on the summer teepee.  I’m glad we have a plan for tomorrow, but sometimes, I think I plan too much, try to fill Noel’s days too much.  Sometimes, we just need to go with the flow, and see where the day takes us.IMG01135-20140818-1638Peace!

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