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Never know what you`re going to find.

So, I am trying my hand at creating some moss graffiti here in Port Credit, because it looks pretty cool.  Made my first experimental batch of moss paint and painted a few rocks that I had collected for the purpose.  I had tons of left over paint though, so took it over to a wall that I`m pretty sure no one really cares about.  Had a grand time, painting peace signs etc.

This wall is adjacent to a public parking lot, which is quite often badly littered.  I don`t pick up there usually, because I know that they have staff who clean the lot on a daily basis, so I leave it for them.  But today, I found this, sitting atop a parking barrier.

(photo deleted, for decency’s sake, lol)

I wonder if it`s a case of someone not wanting their better half to know what they`d been up to that day, besides littering

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IMG01032-20140714-1639I picked these up from “my” beach yesterday, along with the usual assortment of mostly plastic crap.  Water balloons.  It’s sad that people would just leave them laying on the beach, with no regard for where they would end up.  No, I haven’t stopped trash walking, I just haven’t had much time or inclination lately to blog about it.  My son being on summer break has a lot to do with that, of course.  But more than not having time, I’m experiencing a feeling of helplessness, of “what difference is it going to make anyway?”  People killing one another, corporations and politicians lying, cheating, stealing, raping our planet and not giving a crap about me, or you.  Do you ever feel this way?  How do you get yourself out of it?

It’s not that I’m laying around feeling blue and down all the time.  I’ve had some pretty good times these past two or three weeks, I have to admit.  World Pride here in Toronto, Canada Day with some great friends, my annual chick’s camping weekend, a city camping weekend that turned out really well, Latin jazz and cheap beer at Fort York, small treasured moments with my son Noel and my wife Karyn, plans to try my hand at creating some moss graffiti, looking forward to a family vacation soon.  So, I’m okay, just a bit sad about the state of the world.  I’ll be back with a happier post next time, I promise.



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