Trash Walking

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Heroic garbage pickers

on June 15, 2014

It seems I have not been able to find much time for blogging lately, and I feel terrible about that.  I have been trash walking, of course, I do it all the time, whether a dedicated beach walk, a walk around my beautiful Port Credit neighbourhood or just picking up a piece or three while ferrying my son to school, karate or play dates. There is always something to pick up, and every little bit counts, in my book.  I don’t take pictures of everything, because how many pictures of garbage can one possibly post?

I mentioned a while back that I’d like to acknowledge a few organizations and individuals who are doing the same thing as I am.  I’ve come to discover that there are a lot of us out there!  In no particular order, here are five of my favourite garbage pickers and organizations.  I’ve focused on the smaller ones for this list, because the grassroots is always a good place to start.  Much respect to them all.  Check them out, if you’re so inclined, and see what they are doing to make a difference.  If you know of others doing some garbage picking, please send them some love, and send me a link to their page or website.  As you go out and about in your part of the world today, be a heroic garbage picker too.  resolve to pick up one piece of trash, or two or three.  Resolve to refuse a plastic shopping bag.  Join the fight against plastic pollution.

1. Balloons Blow.

Two sisters who grew up on the beaches of Florida, they’ve been cleaning the beach all their lives and continue to do so and to document it.  They are particularly involved in educating people about the dangers to wildlife of balloons released.  I have so much respect for this organization and what they do.  When they learn about an imminent release, they alert their 27,000 FB followers, and an e-mail and FB campaign is quickly underway.  Countless dangerous, airborn littering events have been averted thanks to their tireless work. I am in awe of Chelsea and Danielle, and I’m proud to sport one of their stickers on my car.



2. Plasticpicker.

Plasticpicker is somewhere in California, I think.  It doesn’t really matter where he is though, because we all share the oceans.  He seems to pick up daily, and posts quite a lot of pictures,  many of them accompanied by some very wise or humourous captions.  He loves his coast, wherever he is, and I always enjoy his posts in my FB feed.  Always interesting to see where the floating garbage originated, and believe me, some of it has travelled a great distance.

3.  Take3.

I’ve mentioned them before, but they are worth linking to again, because their idea is brilliant in it’s simplicity, and can absolutely be incorporated by everyone, everywhere.  Take three pieces of litter, everywhere, everyday, and dispose of them properly.  So easy to do, doesn’t take any time out of your day, and if you start doing it, it very quickly becomes a habit.  Trust me, I know this for a fact, and so do the people I hang out with. 🙂

4.  Good Beach Bad Trash:

To quote the ABOUT section of his Facebook Page, he is “Just one guy trying to spread awareness about our disposable lifestyle and its effects on oceans and rivers. And not shaving till 1ton has been picked up.”  Nothing fancy, just a straight up caring surfing dude.  I love his posts.  Short and to the point.

5.  The Flotsam Diaries:

Cleans a beach area somewhere in Maine, documents his finds and blogs about it, and shares stories and information from other individuals and organizations.  In particular, I like his 3 part series entitled “Plastic Recycling: The Triangle is a Lie”  Take a look to understand recycling, and to learn why it really is not the solution to plastic pollution.

This list is only a small sampling of the organizations and individuals who inspire me to do more. There are so many more organizations worth mention, and worthy of our support, that I could go on and on forever with a list.  I will create a links page one of these days, I promise.  But this is a start for today, and I’ve got to get outside!!!



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