Trash Walking

disposables, keepers, treasures

For Tory as she heads west.

on June 2, 2014

Thoughts and advice for my 19 year old niece as she heads out to find her way. 

Trust your instincts and be safe. 

Always know that you have a home back here, and that you are loved.  You know that, of course you do.

Don’t worry, you’ll find work, and you’ll make some really amazing friends, but not everyone you meet will honestly and truly have your best interests at heart.  So, again,  trust your instincts. If something or someone doesn’t feel right to you, listen to that inner voice.

Be open to finding your passion, and don’t settle.  I know you’re nervous as you pack, but that is entirely normal.  I’m excited for you, I really am, and I understand why you made a quick decision to go west.   Sometimes we just have to take a leap, and I think that you are at a point in your life where this leap of faith and trust in a positive outcome is just what you need.  I remember when I first headed out west, searching for something.  What a feeling of freedom to hit the road with my sister and my best friend, and what wonderful experiences I still treasure. I think it’s good for kids to do this, I really do, and so I am happy for you. 

Don’t forget to post updates and pictures, so we can see how you are, and what you are up to, because we really are interested.  Don’t forget to stay in touch with your mom and your grandpa, they love you unconditionally. 

Have fun, but work as much as you can, and save your money, so you can travel.  If there is one thing that I truly regret about my youth, it’s that I didn’t save my money so I could travel more.  Do it while you’re young.

Feel nature.  Breathe and be thankful for the beauty around you.  Get to know it.  Feel the peace of the mountains on a starry night, and the power of the ocean when you hit the coast.  Since you’re going to be in Whistler, maybe you’ll want to learn to ski or snowboard.  Go for it!  You’ll love it.

Approach everything with an open mind and an honest heart and you will find what you need.  Surround yourself with truly good people.  There are many out there, just waiting to meet you.  Don’t give the jerks a second thought.

Write.  Letters, blogs, poetry, whatever you please.  You are a good writer, and writing (as I have only recently discovered) can be freeing, exciting, therapeutic, enlightening. 

I always thought that you and I are a lot alike, did you know that?  Next time I see you, we’ll talk about that, maybe over a bottle of wine 🙂

I am so proud of you Tory.  You are going to be just fine.  Stay true to yourself.  Always.

Much love,





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