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List Lesson

on May 27, 2014

Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a post.  Either I have no ideas at all, or my ideas don’t seem like they are “right” for a post.  This post is a response to a Daily Post prompt from Girl in the Hat

Here is my list of things I am grateful for or that somehow make me happy, in no particular order.

I may use this list to help me develop more posts as I go along with my blogging.  That’s the point of this challenge, I think.

1.  My happy childhood (because far too many have not had a happy one)

2.  My wife Karyn and my son Noel (who always encourages me, and who keeps me young)

3.  Being alive (I survived a brain aneurysm 4 years ago)

4.  Music (especially live music.  I’ve been to many, many outstanding concerts over the years.  That is a list in itself)

5.  The Smile Epidemic (an online forum for expressing gratitude.  Participating in their 30 Days of Smiles challenge really helped me through a rough time last year, and I still enjoy checking out their site to see what makes other people smile.)   You should check them out!

Here’s one of my 30 Days of Smiles posts


6.  My amazing Port Credit neighbourhood, and the friends I have made through my son’s school ( I could write a whole post about school yard laughs and fun, easily).

7.  Canada (We have our problems, but it really is a wonderful place, and I have faith that our problems will be resolved, with hard work, understanding, and compassion, and I really feel a shift in thinking here).

8.  My chosen family, and the traditions that we have created (There are so many wonderful people, we gain so much from being together). 

9.  Good reads ( I have pretty eclectic tastes, but I love to read something that is well written, whatever the subject or genre.)

10.  Seeing good around me  (It makes me so happy to witness the kindness of strangers).

11.  Being in nature (what isn’t to love?).

12.  Volunteering  (If you don’t, you really should try it.  I only wish I had realised years ago how good it makes me feel)

13.  Finding a “treasure” when trash walking (because that is the title of my blog, after all 🙂 ).

14. Discovering an interesting page or group on social media and following their posts. Gaining a new angle on a situation, making online friends in countries I will probably never see.

15.  Watching my son’s mind work when he is building something out of garbage, and creating with him.

Well, that’s 15.  It wasn’t hard to come up with them.   I could have kept going, for sure, and created a much longer list, because I really am so very grateful for so much.   The exercise definitely got me thinking about future posts!  I’d love to see some comments  from you here.  One thing you are grateful for, or that makes you happy.  Ready? Go!






4 responses to “List Lesson

  1. Karuna says:

    I like how many ideas you got for future posts by creating your list!

  2. having time to browse new (to me) blogs tonight makes me happy 🙂

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