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Tonka trucks! Cherished memories.

on May 8, 2014



These are photos of my son Noel, taken 2 years ago.  I wanted to capture some shots with Noel and his collection of Tonka trucks then, because I had come to the realization that our Tonka days were almost over, that my truck obsessed kid was about to move to a new obsession.  Maybe one that I wouldn’t enjoy as much as I had this one. 

I drove around with all of these vehicles in the trunk of my small car for about 3 years. They were such great, social toys, and having them with us was a wonderful way to meet other kids.  They were the icebreaker at the playground, park or beach.  Even if we found ourselves at an unfamiliar playground, surrounded by strangers, all Noel and I had to do was pull out the Tonkas, and he had instant friends.  Suddenly four or five little boys would be building, hauling, demolishing and digging together, with hardly a disagreement among them.  It was so much fun to watch the cooperation, the industriousness, the joy, the fun.  My son is very generous with his toys, always has been.  Actually he’s generous with himself too, and he’ll introduce himself to kids and invite them to join him in playing, with a natural ease and sincerity that is beautiful to witness.  I think the Tonkas in the trunk had a big part in the growth of this side of my son.

These Tonkas were a really important part of our social life for a couple of summers, to the point where friends would know we had them in the car, and ask if they could get them out.  Or they would laugh at me and tease me about my trunk full of trucks.  Strangers would become friends, and as the kids would play, the parents would chat and usually find something in common, even if it was only that they both had sons who adored trucks. 

I didn’t pay much for any of these vehicles.  I got them all at either garage sales or second hand stores.  When we had no more room in the trunk for any more of these yellow and black beauties, I still found myself keeping an eye out for a bargain priced dump truck or digger, and mentally going through a list of kids who might want it.  

I’m posting this with keepers and treasures in mind.  Not because we will be keeping the trucks, but because I will always cherish the memory of a trunk full of Tonkas, and all that these trucks meant for us, for three years. 

By last summer, I knew it was time to take the trucks out of my car, but neither my son nor I could completely part with them just yet.  So, at some point we put them in to storage in Grandpa’s garage, and there they sit now. 

There’s a really cool park in Toronto, called Dufferin Grove.  It’s cool for many reasons, but one of the things I really love about it, is that it has toys there that are shared park toys.  People donate them, leave them at the park, kids play with them, finish with them for the day, and leave them there.  That is where I would like Noel’s Tonkas to end up.  To be used and enjoyed by lots of kids for a long time.  The trick this summer will be convincing Noel that this is a good place for his beloved trucks, that it is time to pass them on.  It might be a little hard for him, but I think he’ll be okay, knowing that they’ll bring pleasure to so many kids at one of our favourite places.


8 responses to “Tonka trucks! Cherished memories.

  1. michele says:

    This is my favorite of all your posts! The memory of younger fun times the cherished days of younger minds of not only the kids and ourselves to. I must admit I cried reading this…a healing.. a growth.. we to just parted with some toys barbies an easel. I found that so hard. Thank you for your thoughts and memories I to cherish of not only my child but yours also.

  2. cjwild2014 says:

    thank, Michele….it was a good one to write. treasured memories…

  3. Marina says:

    Oh my friend!! It is an awesome post!! It made me cry!! It brought me again to all those great moments we share with you and Noel at the park, beach, etc.. Oh men this trucks made happy to so many kids including my son!! Thanks Cindy, life is about memories, and this one we’ll always keep it in our hearts!! Love you guys!! 😉

  4. cjwild2014 says:

    thanks, Marina…we sure do have some great memories, don’t we? Love you guys too!

  5. Oh that is such a good post. You are a good parent. I don’t have any memory of my parent playing with me and encouraging me to play. Hope your son will be able to pass on the tonka trucks and get a passion for something new. Good luck 🙂

  6. cjwild2014 says:

    Thanks so much! It’s kind of you to say. My son is very passionate about many things 🙂 He keeps me young.

  7. Just reading it made a nice memory for me. Thanks!

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