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Doggy Doo

on April 10, 2014

Dear Dog Owner;

First, you were a responsible pet owner, and you took Fido for a walk in our neighbourhood.  Well done!  You got some exercise, poochie got exercise.  It was a nice evening, maybe you really enjoyed your walk.  I sure hope that you did. 

Next, you were a  decent and law abiding citizen, and you picked up after Fido.  You even used one of those cute little bags, specifically made for cleaning up after pets. 

Then.  Then.  THEN you felt that it was okay to drop your little baggie on the street!  That, dear pet owner, is straight up disgusting!  Please tell me, in what universe is this accpetable?  If you took the time to pick it up, could you not have carried it until you found a garbage can?  I know this area because I live here, and while I do believe that we need more garbage containers here, (I have even requested them from the city, to no avail), I also know that there are some.  If you had walked for another 5 minutes (maybe less), you would have found a much better spot for your dog’s poop. 

As it is, you left it on the street…actually right on top of a storm drain.  So I really want to know, dear dog owner, where did you think your little baggie was going to end up? 

(This photo is pink, and I have no idea why it turned out that way.  It certainly is not the colour of my mood when I took the shot)



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