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A really fun blog, lots of colour, lots of vintage furniture, decorating ideas, and ENTHUSIASM.  I love Kimi’s style.

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My son Noel was studying spelling words, and having quite a bit of difficulty remembering some of them. So, we rolled out the modelling clay and really had a wonderful time with this activity. I love that the colours are all mixed together, and the whole process of creating each letter, then putting them together to spell words was a great experience for both of us.


Earth Day


I’m not sure where to begin an Earth Day post, there is just so much to feel today, about where we are, where we are headed, where we need to head, where I am trying to head.

I am not saying “Happy Earth Day” today, because I think that the phrase too often sounds as hollow as “have a nice day”.    We say the phrase, but it is lip service, and it is meaningless without action.  We all love the earth right?  We’re awed and inspired by her beauty. We acknowledge that clean air is better than filthy air,  and we love going to the beach, or walking in a park.  But saying Happy Earth Day is not enough.  We have to act on our feelings of love for the earth.  We have to pick up the litter.  We have to be the Lorax, but more.  For not only must we “speak for the trees” we must act too.  Pick up trash.  Ask others to pick up trash. Work for a change in the way we do business, work to make our children understand “need” versus “want”, and become more mindful consumers than we have been so far.  Acknowledge that we don’t need all this stuff, and try to curb our addiction to this throw away mentality that has become so pervasive in such a short period of time.

It is mind boggling to think of what needs doing, it really is.  I sometimes get in to this funk and think that it is all just too much, that we can’t change what is happening to our earth.

We can create change though, by acting.  Picking up garbage on a beach or a street is a small act, but it is an action that makes a difference.  At the very least, if makes the street or beach look better, prettier, maybe safer.  Maybe it makes your neighbourhood a more desirable place to live.  But the single act of picking up one piece of trash does so much more.  It prevents that piece of trash from ending up in the river, or lake, or ocean.  It prevents a sea bird or maybe a sea turtle from ingesting it, and maybe dying from starvation by ingesting something that is not doing anthing good for it’s body .  Maybe it prevents that plastic bag from joining other debris in blocking storm sewers and contributing to flooding in your neighbourhood.  Maybe that single act gives someone else the courage to act.  Courage to pick up not one, but a whole bag of litter while walking to the park.  Courage, because, trust me, it takes some courage at first.  Bending over to pick up someone else’s litter will get you some strange looks!   I have learned to ignore the strange looks, for they mean nothing to me.  It may get you some comments too, like “good for you”, “bless you”, or my personal favourite so far, “oh dear, are you on welfare?”  Use the comments to educate or inspire, or make people think.  I usually reply with something like ” thank you, I believe we all can do our part” or, “thank you, I know you’ll get some later too”.

I’ve done some other things besides picking up trash.  I won’t get in to the list here, because I’m not trying to blow my own horn.  The point is that I have done.  Doing is key.  Action creates change.

Whether your cause is environmental, an issue of social justice, or a community improvement idea, do!  If you want more trees at a park, plant some.  If you’re worried about loosing the Monarch butterfly, plant some milkweed and, better yet, talk to your friends and ask them to help as well. If you are not comfortable acting alone, find a group of like minded people.  Trust me, they are out there, and they will welcome your help.  I have discovered a whole world of people who are passionately and tirelessly doing something to make a difference. Most I have not met personally, but I follow their writings and pages on line.  I “like” and comment on their posts.  I ask their advice. I am humbled by their dedication and thankful for their actions, both large and small, and I tell them so.

On a personal level, I’ll just say that once you do act to make a difference, it is addictive.  You want to do more.  You feel good doing, and so you keep doing.  If you’re like me, you’ll soon realise that not only is your action good for the earth, it is good for the individual soul, it really is.  Take action, and you will feel good.  You’ll do it again and again, and soon, you will be hooked.

Love the earth, and act upon your love.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.


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In honour of Spring which is FINALLY, (sort of) here.
One of the treasures I picked up on a trash walk. I like the weight of it, the patina, and the industrial look. I don’t know what to do with it, but it’s a keeper.


Who I am and Why I’m here.

Plastic crafts

Plastic crafts

Found on the shoreline

Found on the shoreline

I’ve been gradually becoming an environmental activist.  There, that’s the first time I have ever actually referred to myself in this way, but when I look at what I have done this year, and where my heart is, I see that the term fits.  And I like it.  And I anticipate getting more active.  Because I don’t want to sit around doing nothing, when there is a lot that can be done, with results immediate as well as not so immediate

I care about our shared planet overall, and my little part of it in particular, and so I do things.  Alot of what I post here will be about those things that I do.  I hope that maybe, some of what I do will rub off on others.  I think it already is, a little bit.

I live in a beautiful, vibrant neighbourhood called Port Credit, in Ontario, Canada.  Port Credit has so much to offer, and I try to take fulll advantage of it.  We are situated on the shores of Lake Ontario and we enjoy a vibrant, year round social scene here, with several festivals and events which are enjoyed by both the locals and visitors.   Although Port Credit is a part of the city of Mississauga, it is very much like a village.  You can actually walk to the shopping area, restaurants, schools, waterfront parks, pools etc. Walk!  That is a big deal in Mississauga, believe me.  And although I don’t always walk (bad feet), I am trying to, in small ways, reduce my time behind the wheel.

We also have a great community spirit here.  Volunteerism is high here in Port Credit, and for me this means being an active part of my son’s school community.  I have organized or participated in some wonderful initiatives here, and have always felt that if someone takes on the role of organizer, there are always many, many willing participants who understand that we really all can make a small difference.  One of the areas that I have tried to make a difference in this year is in getting people to rethink disposability.   With a couple of like minded moms, I have been volunteering to help run “Eco Club” this year at my son’s school,  with grade 4, 5 and 6 students.  I have used a couple of crafts to help bring awareness to the students about plastic pollution, and about how there is no “AWAY” when it comes to plastic.  I think that we need to rethink our relationship to material possessions overall, and non disposable plastics in particular.  Of course, one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic use is to refuse plastic bags, plastic water bottles, and disposable cups/straws.  But plastic is everywhere, and we need to come up with something better!

You will see several posts about litter in this blog, because cleaning it up is one of my passions.  Making people aware that something can be done, is a bit of a mission of mine.  Although Port Credit is wonderful, we do, in my opinion, have a serious litter problem.  Maybe wherever you live does too?  Because of this I go for weekly neighbourhood “trash walks”, armed with a good pair of work gloves, and two buckets, one for trash, one for recyclables.  Sometimes I hit a couple of streets, sometimes a local park, in just depends on what I see out there.  I have recently started bringing my phone with me on these walks, so that I can document what I find.  This is not a novel idea.  There are several organizations and individuals who are doing the same thing.  I feel so connected to these people, have so much respect for these organizations and have learned so much about solutions by following them.   At least one post in this blog will be devoted to sharing the links to these groups and sharing their stories.

So, I don’t know if I will have many people following my blog.  Trash is not exactly fun, or sexy, but I’ll try to make this blog a little bit humorous and informative.   And, I promise.  I will, from time to time write about other topics!

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Today’s the Day

I’ve organized a local beach and park clean up today, as part of a national initiative, The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  I’m excited to get busy with it.  Is it weird to be excited about picking up garbage?…maybe a little.  It really does make me feel good to do this small bit, it really does.  I’ll post photos later, but in the meantime, here’s one that depicts the ultimate in laziness. These were in the visitor’s parking lot of my condo yesterday. Someone who was parked didn’t want to take their crap with them, so they left it for me.  I counted, and it is twenty eight steps from here to the garbage bin.  Twenty eight steps!  Sheesh!Image


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Trash walking

Well, I’ve decided that I’m probably going to end up writing about trash and garbage fairly often, since I’m pretty obsessed with the issue of trash, what it means to all of us, what it means to me. So, Trash Walking is going to be the new title of this blog of mine. Hope it will come to mean something to you.

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Doggy Doo

Dear Dog Owner;

First, you were a responsible pet owner, and you took Fido for a walk in our neighbourhood.  Well done!  You got some exercise, poochie got exercise.  It was a nice evening, maybe you really enjoyed your walk.  I sure hope that you did. 

Next, you were a  decent and law abiding citizen, and you picked up after Fido.  You even used one of those cute little bags, specifically made for cleaning up after pets. 

Then.  Then.  THEN you felt that it was okay to drop your little baggie on the street!  That, dear pet owner, is straight up disgusting!  Please tell me, in what universe is this accpetable?  If you took the time to pick it up, could you not have carried it until you found a garbage can?  I know this area because I live here, and while I do believe that we need more garbage containers here, (I have even requested them from the city, to no avail), I also know that there are some.  If you had walked for another 5 minutes (maybe less), you would have found a much better spot for your dog’s poop. 

As it is, you left it on the street…actually right on top of a storm drain.  So I really want to know, dear dog owner, where did you think your little baggie was going to end up? 

(This photo is pink, and I have no idea why it turned out that way.  It certainly is not the colour of my mood when I took the shot)


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Another Chick’s camping weekend…more summer fun (2012)

Another Chick's camping weekend...more summer fun (2012)

The theme for the summer of 2012 was the 80’s. As usual, we donned our outfits to play croquet on Saturday afternoon. My favourite outfit is the Rubics cube (AKA Tina) and I love Madonna (AKA Nan) too.
Some people come and go from this event, but most of us return year after year, because we have so much fun! Oh, and there is never any bullcrap drama. Just straight up fun!

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Summer time, fun time

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